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As a manufacturer of wooden packaging, we operate at the interface between packaging, logistics and transport. We are intimately familiar with each of these, as the history of our company began with the provision of transport services. At present, we are part of a group of 3 companies, and our joint potential and close cooperation allow us to realise the most demanding orders for the production of packaging, specialised packaging services, as well as the comprehensive organisation of safe transport anywhere in the world.

Our potential is formed by 3 cooperating companies with family and capital ties:

  • Routier Trans Bis for efficient deliveries, national and international transport and cooperation in the relocation of industrial machinery and equipment. Find out more.
  • Opakowania Eksportowe as a manufacturer of wooden crates and boxes with expertise in specialised packaging for different types of transport and relocation of production lines and a guarantee of perfect service for our contractors. Find out more.
  • Domy Expert providing additional machinery for precision woodworking and cutting components for large-scale packaging. Find out more.

Our packaging production plant is located in the centre of Poland, in Wierzbica near Radom. It is also our storage and transhipment centre, so that we can efficiently support our customers in the safe international flow of goods. As a manufacturer of transport packaging, we have gathered experience over several years in packing goods delivered from various locations around the world and know how to safely prepare them for their onward journey to their destination markets. Having a portfolio of regular national and international customers is the best proof that we do our job reliably.


With the aim of streamlining the logistical processes of our customers, we have built up a functional facility over the years that allows us to handle any size and complexity of orders. Our packaging plant is not only prepared for Express operation, but also for the storage and necessary handling of entrusted goods. This is made possible by our:

Opakowania Eksportowe pakowanie do transportu skrzynie drewniane
  • 4 heated production and storage halls with a total area of over 7,000 m2
  • a modern machine park equipped with, among others: a 6-axis CNC machining centreOIKOS, a machining centre for nesting work, an optimiser with a sorter for angled cutting, a multi-saw, specialised carpentry saws, a panel saw for cutting panels, a four-sided multihead planer and others
  • a fenced, round-the-clock supervised and monitored site of 2.3 hectares, of which 1.5 hectares is paved with cobblestones
  • overhead cranes and cranes forklifts
  • freight scales
  • containers for hire
  • fleet of new lorries
  • flatbed semi-trailers
  • semi-trailers
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Opakowania Eksportowe pakowanie do transportu skrzynie drewniane


We firmly believe that the key to success in business is trust. In our company, we trust our employees first and foremost by betting on long-term cooperation. We take care of satisfying working conditions so that the positive motivation in our team translates into exceptional care for every order entrusted to us. The production of wooden packaging requires technical knowledge and modern forms of specialised protection. By choosing us as your partner, you are guaranteed a well-trained and competent team of specialists working for your success.

A MISSION that our team has developed:

We exist to ensure that our customers’ goods arrive in perfect condition during transport. We are committed to ensuring that, thanks to our support, our customers’ contractors are satisfied with their cooperation with us and return to them with further orders.

A VISION that accompanies us in our daily work:

We want to be the market leader in the production of customised packaging and the transport and storage protection of machinery, equipment and entire production lines. We expand our knowledge and introduce state-of-the-art solutions to best serve our customers.


drewno z certyfikatem HPE Opakowania Ekspoertowe sztauowanie kontenerów


The production of wooden packaging that ensures the safety of the loads being transported requires the right materials. The wooden crates and other packaging we produce are made from certified timber based on HPE guidelines. The same applies to the packaging services provided. The HPE guidelines have been developed by the German association of wooden packaging manufacturers and packaging service providers, the Bundesverband Holzpackmittel-Paletten – Exportverpackung. The HPE standards describe in detail how to secure technical loads and are generally recognised standards in this area for transport by various means of transport worldwide. HPE standards prescribe the use of ISPM-15-certified timber in accordance with the standards developed by IPPC – the organisation with the Polish name International Plant Protection Convention.

In addition, as a manufacturer of transport packaging, we have implemented ISO quality and safety management systems and obtain a Declaration of Conformity for our products. The ISO and the Declaration of Conformity confirm the high quality of our products and services. They are additional proof that we work with respect for employee safety and the environment. We are also FSC® and COBRO certified. You can read more about our certifications here>>.

Opakowania Eksportowe pakowanie do transportu skrzynie drewniane


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