Pakowanie do transportu - Relokacja maszyn i urządzeń

Sztauowanie kontenera morskiego z niewymiarowym ładunkiem

As part of this order, our company had the opportunity to carry out a project for packing and stowing equipment, for which a platform of considerable size was specially designed and manufactured. Measuring nearly 12 metres in length, the platform was created with the aim of optimising the sea transport process of industrial machinery as much as possible.

One of the elements of this project was to pack the goods in aluminium foil, so-called vacuum packing. This is a solution often chosen for sea transport, as it provides excellent protection against moisture, contamination and other external factors that can affect the condition of the cargo during long-term transport.

The platform was designed and manufactured in such a way that it fitted perfectly into the dimensions of a sea container with a length of 40. Thanks to this precise fit, no additional work was needed to secure the cargo from moving inside the container. This solution not only made the stowing process easier, but also increased the safety of the machinery being transported by eliminating the risk of damage resulting from any shifting.