Pakowanie do transportu - Relokacja maszyn i urządzeń

Shrink-wrapping a large appliance

For one of our customers, we performed the process of packing a large-size device in shrink foil, which is a key element in protecting the cargo from external factors. This packaging is designed to protect against moisture, dust, dirt and other potential damage that may occur during transport or storage. The shrink foil, due to its property of adhering tightly to the packaged item when applied and drawing off the air, forms a solid and tight protective barrier.

Stowing the bulky item onto the Flat Rack container

Next, the unit was secured and stowed on a 40-foot flat rack container. Stowing in a flat rack container, designed for bulky and undersized cargo, requires special attention to ensure the stability and safety of the goods during transport. The flat rack container allows easy access to the cargo from two sides, which facilitates the loading and securing process.

This implementation highlights our skills in providing comprehensive protection for bulky goods, from packing to transport. Thanks to the use of shrink foil and professional stowage on the flat rack container, we ensure that our client’s cargo is effectively protected from various hazards and will arrive at its destination intact.