Pakowanie do transportu - Relokacja maszyn i urządzeń

Packing of the machine and stowage of the 20 ft DV container

As part of one of our recent projects, we handled the complex packing of the machine and its stowage in a 20 ft DV container.

The first step was to properly secure the machine by placing it on a dedicated platform, designed for stable and safe transport. We then proceeded with vacuum packing, which is typical for sea transport. This method involves tightly wrapping the cargo in several layers of aluminium foil (ALU) together with moisture absorbers and air suction, which creates a dry atmosphere inside the packaging. This prevents condensation and condensation, protecting the machine from corrosion and other damage.

To properly prepare the stowage of the container, we built a special platform covering the entire container floor area. This step was crucial as it allowed the machine to be positioned properly and ensured that the weight of the machine was evenly distributed throughout the container. Even weight distribution is essential to maintain cargo stability during sea transport.