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Large wooden chest and stowage in a shipping container

We recently had the pleasure of completing an assignment that involved the manufacture of a specialised wooden chest for a large-sized commodity and then stowing it in a 20-ft shipping container. This project required a special approach due to the large size of the cargo and the need to create a non-standard chest that had to fit the dimensions of the container perfectly.

Critical to the task were the precise calculations and design of the chest to ensure that it fully met the cargo specification and container dimensions. Our team of specialists focused on the exact fit of the box to maximise the use of the available space in the container, while ensuring the safety of the goods being transported.

Thanks to the careful work and dedication of our team, the wooden chest was made with extreme precision, allowing it to fit perfectly into the 20′ shipping container without the need for additional security. This aspect was particularly important to ensure that the cargo could travel safely in the shipping container, minimising the risk of shifting or damage.