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Realisation of the stowage of a 40 ft DV container using stowage bags

We have embarked on another realisation in which our task was to dunnage palletised parcels delivered by the client into a 40 ft DV (Dry Van) container. We used dunnage bags, also known as air cushions, to secure the cargo during transport.

Dunnage bags offer a number of advantages that make them ideal for stabilising cargo. First of all, they effectively fill the space between pallets, preventing them from shifting during transport. Thanks to their flexible properties, dunnage bags absorb shocks and vibrations, protecting the load from damage. They are also easy to place and fill in the container, speeding up the loading process. Their versatility allows them to be used with different types of cargo, regardless of shape and size, making them a multipurpose security solution. In addition, some stowage bags are hydrophobic, which protects the cargo from moisture.

Dunnage bags can be used in a variety of situations where it is important to ensure cargo stability and security. They are particularly useful when loads are packed on pallets and there is a space between them that needs to be filled, when loads are fragile and need extra protection from shock and vibration, and when there is a need to secure the load quickly and effectively without the need for additional complex structures.

In this implementation, the use of dunnage bags enabled us to effectively and safely stow pallets in a 40 ft DV container. This ensured that the packed parcels were properly secured, minimising the risk of damage during sea transport.