Pakowanie do transportu - Relokacja maszyn i urządzeń

Immobilisation of machinery in a 40′ container for road transport

We recently carried out a task of immobilising machinery for which the customer did not require additional packaging. The cargo was intended for road transport in a 40′ DV (Dry Van) container, which required special attention during the preparation and securing of the machinery.

For this task, we used certified lashing straps and angle irons with the IPPC (International Plant Protection Convention) mark. The use of these materials ensured not only a high level of safety for the machinery being transported, but also that international phytosanitary protection standards were met.

Thanks to the use of lashing straps, we were able to effectively immobilise the machinery inside the container, preventing it from moving during transport. The use of angle irons further strengthened the entire lashing structure, distributing the pressure and protecting the edges of the machines from possible damage.