Pakowanie do transportu - Relokacja maszyn i urządzeń

Production of boxes and stowage of a sea container

We carried out an order for one of our clients, which included the production of wooden boxes for large goods and their stowage in a 40′ DV (Dry Van) type sea container.

As part of the order, the wooden boxes were designed and manufactured for the safe transport of large goods. Each case was tailored to the specifications and requirements of the specific cargo, ensuring optimum protection during sea transport.

The stowage of the cargo in the 40′ DV container was made using IPPC (International Plant Protection Convention) certified timber scantlings. The use of certified materials is crucial to ensure that cargo is securely immobilised and protected from any damage, as well as to meet global phytosanitary requirements.

Thanks to our professionalism and experience, we can ensure that each load reaches its destination intact, which is a priority in our logistics operations.