Pakowanie do transportu - Relokacja maszyn i urządzeń

Cargo packing and stowage of a 40′ High Cube container

As part of our implementation, we successfully stowed a 40′ High Cube container into which we loaded a variety of products. Some of these were packed in a specially designed wooden box, while others were placed on dedicated platforms.

Stowing is a process that ensures the stability and safety of the cargo in the container during transport. By properly placing and securing loads, the risk of shifting and damage is minimised.

In this realisation, the wooden box, created to the customer’s specifications, contained part of the production line and was made to fit the width of the container perfectly. The precise fit enabled optimum use of space and ensured the stability of the load.

In addition, some of the machinery was packed on specially prepared transport platforms using the vacuum packing method. Vacuum packing involves tightly wrapping the cargo in several layers of aluminium foil (ALU) with moisture absorbers and air extraction. This creates a dry atmosphere inside the packaging, which prevents condensation and moisture from forming, protecting the machinery from corrosion and other damage.

Through careful planning and precise execution, all products were properly secured and immobilised in the container, ensuring safe sea transport.