Pakowanie do transportu - Relokacja maszyn i urządzeń

Packing and loading of a Flat Rack container

Another project, this time for comprehensive packaging services for the loading of a 20-foot flat rack container behind us. The flat rack container, known for its open design and lack of side and top walls, is the ideal solution for transporting bulky and undersized cargo that requires special space and protection.

Our experience and expertise resulted in the successful implementation of all stages of the project, from the careful packaging of the loads through to their safe and precise loading onto the flat rack container. Every step was planned and executed with the greatest attention to detail to ensure maximum safety for the items being transported.

Thanks to the use of the flat rack container, we were able to adapt to the specific requirements of our customers, offering flexible solutions for loads that cannot be transported by standard methods due to their size or shape. Our team of specialists ensured that each item of cargo was properly secured and stable for transport, minimising the risk of damage.