Pakowanie do transportu - Relokacja maszyn i urządzeń

The container loading inspection is an additional service whereby an external inspector hired for this purpose carefully observes and supervises the various stages of the packing operation in terms of the effectiveness of the solutions used. At your request, the container loading inspection is carried out by an authorised inspector. Upon completion, the customer receives a document confirming the validity of the solutions used. We attach great importance to the safety of our customers’ goods during transport, so choose our offer!

Container transport is a very popular and convenient way of transporting goods. For it to be safe, the conditions for proper packaging and securing of the goods transported must be met. Inspection of container loading makes it possible to eliminate hazards caused by incorrectly packed goods.

Visual inspection of the technical condition of the containers

Inspekcja załadunku kontenera

The first and indispensable step towards the goal of safe transport of goods is to check the technical condition of the container. Before loading, each container is thoroughly inspected by us for any damage and leaks. We have trained staff to visually inspect the containers, giving you the assurance that your goods are safe for transport.

The course of a container inspection consists of:

  • visual inspection of the outside of the container for mechanical damage
  • visual inspection of the inside of the container for tightness and mechanical damages
  • preparation of photo documentation of the container before loading.

What is a container loading inspection?

Inspekcja załadunku kontenera

Another way to increase the safety of containerised goods is to inspect the container loading. It is carried out to do all due diligence, to make sure that the goods being transported in the container will be safe. It is a “blow-by-blow” to maintain peace of mind and a sense of security during the weeks and sometimes months-long journey of your goods. It involves analysing each stage of securing the cargo for resistance to mechanical damage.

At the request of our customers, we inspect both the technical condition of the containers before they are packed and the stowage process itself.

Inspection of container loading – checklist

Inspekcja załadunku kontenera

An inspection of the container loading process is carried out by SGS inspectors. It aims to inspect how the goods are packed into the container and how they are secured and includes:

  • inspection of the container itself;
  • assessment of how the goods are packed;
  • assessment of the quantity of packed goods;
  • assessment of the correct choice of container for the type of goods carried;
  • type of security devices used;
  • correctness of securing and goods in the container;
  • inspection of markings;
  • documentation of damage observed during loading;
  • photo documentation of the loading process;
  • affixing of seals;
  • documentation on container, packaging and seal number.