Pakowanie do transportu - Relokacja maszyn i urządzeń

What is large-size packing?

It sometimes happens that a machine or other device, before being packed and secured for transport, is divided into smaller parts and sent on a journey as a piece of equipment. This most often happens when the device is large and either it is not possible to transport it as a whole or the cost of such an operation would be very high. Most often, however, due to the desire to minimize the risk associated with dismantling and reassembling the device, companies decide on oversized transport and thus large-size packaging.

Transporting large-sized items with non-standard shapes, great weight, sensitivity to shocks or moisture can be particularly problematic.


Large-size packaging requires extensive substantive knowledge and experience, because large machines and devices pose the most challenges to transporters, they are extremely vulnerable to mechanical damage, and therefore require extraordinary care when packing and securing them for transport. We can also pack this type of “colossus”.

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