Pakowanie do transportu - Relokacja maszyn i urządzeń

Do you want to pack your goods for export, but can’t or don’t want to move them out of your company? Sk! Wooden crate packing can take place at your company. We have a large team of specialists who pack goods all over Poland and Europe. We have extensive experience in packing services outside of our company.

Pakowanie u klienta

Wooden box packing at your premises – what you need to know

Packing in wooden boxes outside of our production facility must be done based on a well-prepared plan. That is why, before carrying out the order, we will ask you for a detailed specification of the goods to be packed, so that we can match the type of packaging and protection, carry out an on-site inspection and take additional measurements if necessary. On the basis of the specification of the goods, or the on-site visit, we will prepare a summary of the dimensions of the wooden crates necessary for packing the entire project. We will come to your company with the finished packaging components and all the necessary tools to make the packing process as fast and efficient as possible.