Pakowanie do transportu - Relokacja maszyn i urządzeń

Due to its nature, packing for air transport is very demanding and goods sent by air must be properly secured (see offer of security for transport). Not all goods can be transported by air, and packaging for air transport must take into account many factors:t

  • the guidelines of the chosen airline in terms of the packaging and delivery methods they accept
  • the type of aircraft chosen for transport
  • the hygroscopic properties of the goods to be packed, i.e. to what extent the items absorb moisture from the air or to what extent they can cause moisture to be present in the air
  • the weight and dimensions of the load
  • pressure of the goods per 1 m2
  • flight distance
  • sensitivity of the goods to vibrations
  • sensitivity of the packaged good to changes in pressure and temperature
  • possible method of storage and handling of the goods

Pakowanie do transportu lotniczego

Packaging for air transport is an area in which we have extensive experience. The transport packaging we produce complies with all IATA (International Air Transport Association) airline regulations.

If you are interested in air packaging, please contact us. We will answer your questions and select the right type of packaging.