Pakowanie do transportu - Relokacja maszyn i urządzeń

Road transport is the most common mode of freight transport. With land transport, we can transport any goods to any location accessible by car or train. It may seem that road transport is undemanding and that packing for land transport is easy. However, the job requires the same commitment and knowledge of the industry as air or sea transport. We, having been continuously active in the transport business since 1997, know the industry “inside out”. Our experts will help you find the best wooden packaging solutions that will transport your goods safely by rail or road.

Packaging for road transport – important considerations

Pakowanie do transportu drogowego

Poland is one of the top countries in the European Union where the transport of goods is mainly carried out by road transport. Almost 75% of transport is carried by road. The rest of freight is transported by rail (almost 25%). Adequate packaging for inland transport must protect goods transported by road. Also in packaging for overland transport, the type of wood used is important. In EU countries, goods can be transported in packaging made of raw wood as well as certified, i.e. pest-free, wood. However, an increasing number of customers from EU countries prefer packaging made of certified wood. In our company, we make packaging from such wood.

Packaging for land transport – types of packaging

Transporting goods by car or train does not always have to be done in full wooden crates. If the nature of the goods and the transport conditions allow, the goods can be packed in openwork crates or on pallets. Goods placed on pallets are suitably immobilised on specially designed scaffolding and protected from the weather.

Securing for road transport

Pakowanie do transportu drogowego

For the packaging of goods, we use various types of protection, protecting primarily against the harmful effects of environmental factors. These include: anti-corrosive foils and sachets, ALU barrier foils, bubble and shrink foils or PE foils. If necessary, the goods have additional vacuum packing before being sealed in the transport box. The second type of protection is against mechanical damage, i.e. all struts, fastening belts and various types of clips and anti-slip mats. These are designed to prevent the goods from moving around inside the crate.

As part of our comprehensive overland packing service, our company can also provide you with overland transport within Europe using our own fleet of vehicles with capacities ranging from 1.5 to 24 tonnes, including semi-trailers for the transport of containers.