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Wooden transport packaging – the natural protection of your product

We specialise in packaging goods in secure, robust and durable wooden packaging. We take into account the specific requirements for each shipment, protecting it from mechanical damage and moisture. We operate according to HPE guidelines, using IPPC-certified wood according to ISPM15. We offer packaging either at our production facility or at a location specified by you. We specialise in the production of wooden packaging for:

We offer various types of wooden transport packaging that guarantee optimum utilisation of the load capacity and protection from various factors. We will also make special and unusual packaging to suit your individual needs. Find out more about the wooden packaging in our range and its basic applications so that you can consciously choose the best solution.

Transport boxes

They are designed for sea transport, road transport and air transport. They are suitable for shipping various types of goods of any destination, anywhere in the world. We manufacture crates that can withstand heavy loads. Find out more.

Box pallets

You can use them to transport valuable goods that are very fragile. They provide maximum protection against mechanical damage. The construction of the walls and lid from plywood or OSB ensures the low weight of the boxes themselves. Special clips or spring clips can be used to allow easy assembly and disassembly of the box by one person. Find out more.

Transport pallets

We offer a wide range of disposable, special, container and industrial pallets. They are created according to customer demand and meet all the requirements specified by the client. Find out more.

Special and customised packaging

We make transport packaging in any version that you can use for various purposes. They are designed so that a wide range of equipment, machinery and precious items can be packed in them. Our engineers offer expert advice on tailoring packaging to meet your individual needs. We will create dedicated transport packaging for your specific task.

What makes our wood transport packaging stand out?

Firstly, we not only produce, but also design the commissioned transport packaging in each case. This applies to a crate, box or pallet, not to mention non-standard packaging. We design with care for safety, but also for optimum use of space and the overall weight of the load. This is done by our designers and many of them have been working with us since the company was founded, more than 15 years ago. Our wooden packages guarantee 100% load utilisation and allow for efficient freight runs. This is something we are proud of. It is something that sets us apart. All to effectively improve the logistics of companies like yours.

What’s more, wood packaging in any size is available for the industrial sector. For example, we used to make a crate for an aeroplane on our machinery, so it’s really hard to surprise us! Looking at the technical side, note that decent wooden packaging is the best way to protect against mechanical damage. Packing in wooden transport crates protects your goods from mechanical damage, but also provides protection against tearing of the foils dedicated to sea transport or air transport.

Do you like acting fast?

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Opakowania drewniane transportowe

Additional services for the purchase of wooden transport packaging

The second very important differentiating feature of our offer is our flexibility and the range of services associated with the entire process of shipping goods. We know very well that buying a wooden package is only the beginning. Therefore, consider simplifying your task and outsourcing your packaging services to us as well. Some of the most popular additional options include:

Packing at the indicated place

We are ready to send our team anywhere to pack your goods in the wooden packaging we produce. At the same time, we will be prepared to do this according to the requirements arising from the nature of the goods to be shipped, the route they are to take and the expected weather conditions. The aim of all this is to secure the goods so that we can give you a guarantee that they will reach their destination without any damage. We offer packing in individual or bulk packaging depending on the type of goods, weight and size.

Container stowage

Outsourcing container stowage to professionals is a guarantee that every inch of space will be used in the most optimal way. Imagine, too, the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your precious cargo is in the hands of experts who deal with securing goods against any unforeseen transport circumstances on a daily basis. Don’t worry about complicated regulations or potential risks of damage. We, as packaging professionals, not only have the right tools but, above all, the experience that translates into the quality of our work. And what if we told you that outsourcing your stowage to specialists could prove to be more cost-effective in the long run? No need to replace or repair damaged goods, optimised transport costs thanks to better space utilisation, or even more favourable insurance rates – all this translates into real savings. It really is worth clicking around and finding out more.

Use of specialised additional materials

When it comes to protecting your valuable goods, there is no room for compromise. That’s why, combined with the unparalleled durability of wooden packaging, we use specialised add-on materials to guarantee the highest level of protection. Depending on the unique needs of your product, we use anti-corrosion protectants such as innovative VCI paper or VCI film. In addition, lubricants and moisture absorbers, which work in synergy with ALU composite film, ensure that your products are protected from harmful external factors. By choosing our wooden packaging, you are not only investing in aesthetics and durability, but above all in the certainty that your goods will arrive at their destination in perfect condition.

If you value ecology, you will appreciate wooden transport packaging

Nowadays, when ecology and environmental care are becoming a priority, choosing the right packaging for transporting goods is crucial. Wooden packaging such as crates, boxes and pallets not only offer robustness and protection, but are above all environmentally friendly. We have 5 proof of this!

  1. Natural material: As a renewable material, wood is one of the most environmentally friendly raw materials. Its extraction does not generate as many CO2 emissions as the production of plastic or metal packaging.
  2. Reusability: Wooden crates or pallets, thanks to their durability, can be used again and again. In an industry where every penny counts, the reusability of packaging not only saves money, but also reduces waste.
  3. Wood recycling: When wooden packaging reaches the end of its life, it does not end up in the rubbish heap. Wood is fully biodegradable and can be turned into compost, or recycled to create new products such as chipboard or briquettes for heating.
  4. Reducing the carbon footprint: Transporting wooden packaging is lighter compared to its metal or plastic counterparts. This means less fuel is used during transport, which translates into fewer greenhouse gas emissions.
  5. Sustainability: Many wooden packaging companies use wood from certified sources, which means that for every tree that is cut down, a new one is planted.

By choosing wooden packaging, you are not only protecting your goods. At the same time, you are investing in the future of our planet. It’s a choice that combines quality, functionality and care for the environment. We feel that our business contributes something good to the world.

How do I order transport packaging?

Ordering transport packaging won’t be easier anywhere! We promise to guide you step-by-step through the process of ordering the perfect wooden packaging for your product. Just consider the dimensions, weight and specifics of your product. Also let us know what type of transport you have chosen. On this basis, we will tell you whether you need additional corrosion protection or perhaps special reinforcements.

Write to us, our specialists are at your service. We will help you choose the ideal wooden packaging that meets all your expectations. We will also discuss the organisational aspects of the order such as deadlines, express mode, packing location or delivery of the finished packaging. With us, ordering wooden packaging is a pleasure. We make the whole process as easy and comfortable as possible for you. Because after all, your satisfaction is the most important thing to us!

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