Pakowanie do transportu - Relokacja maszyn i urządzeń

Individual projects according to customer needs!

We manufacture transport boxes to customer specifications. You can order transport crates from us in any size and with any equipment. You can safely transport your goods in them wherever you want.

Skrzynie transportowe

What are transport boxes made of?

We manufacture transport boxes from raw and certified wood, plywood, chipboard and OSB. Depending on the purpose and destination, we select the appropriate material and construction of the crate.

Skrzynie transportowe

Transport boxes – finishing and equipment

Skrzynie transportowe

Each box can be finished as you wish. If you need a smooth box – we will take care of the perfect wood finish. We will paint it the colour of your choice and mark it as the situation demands. Shipping boxes can be equipped with many external and internal components.

Internal fittings can include moulds, supports and other elements to enable the goods to be safely stacked and transported. External fittings can include: locks, hinges, fittings, castors, steel reinforcements and more.

Box monitoring

At the customer’s request, we install tilt, humidity, temperature and shock registration sensors in the OSB box. Thanks to their use, the customer can accurately monitor the condition of the transported object.

Markings on transport boxes

All transport packaging produced by our company is labelled adequately to the contents, clearly and permanently on each box. Thanks to the graphic signs on the crates, the transport and inspection process runs quickly and smoothly.

Essential and informative signs make it possible to recognise the basic characteristics of the load and its destination. Each label thus contains the name of the recipient, the address, the two-letter ISO country code, the number assigned to the packaging manufacturer by the National Plant Protection Organisation and the abbreviation IPPC. The data on the packaging also include information on the dimensions and weight of the packaging including the contents, and on the consignor of the transport packaging.

Skrzynie transportowe

Handling marks on transport packaging indicate a specific way of handling the load during transport, handling, storage in a warehouse and other transport-related activities. Each load can therefore be accurately marked depending on its characteristics. Breakable, shock-reactive, brittle or fragile materials have separate markings. Transport packaging, which must not be exposed to sunlight, moisture, heat or cold, has its own marking. Due to the nature of the load and the packaging, hooks are sometimes placed on the packaging and the location of the hooks is indicated. The centre of gravity is always specified.

The following symbols are most commonly used to mark transport boxes

  • Protect from moisture
  • Do not overturn on top
  • Centre of gravity
  • Carefully fragile
  • Sling location
  • Marking of ISPM certified wood 15

OznakowaniesSkrzyni transportowej

where XX – ISO country code / e.g. PL – Poland / 000 – packaging manufacturer’s number / YY – type of treatment approved / e.g. HT – heat treatment /MB – methyl bromide fumigation

All symbols used are available upon request to

Proper labelling ensures that the transport packaging and the goods it contains are able to reach their destination intact.

We make every effort to ensure that your goods are safe and that transport is easy and economical.