Pakowanie do transportu - Relokacja maszyn i urządzeń

As part of this project, we were tasked with packing a CNC machine tool, which was a service performed on-site at the customer’s premises. Due to the dimensions of the machine, the customer opted for in-house packing. The machine was intended for sea transport, which required special precautions.

Packing the machine for sea transport

  1. Placement on a dedicated platform – the CNC machine tool was placed on a specially prepared approach, which ensured its stability and safety during transport. Separation materials were applied to the platform to protect it from mechanical damage.
  2. Immobilisation with scantlings – the machine was immobilised with scantlings and tie-down straps, which ensured that the machine would not move during transport. Stability is key, especially with heavy and large machines.
  3. Absorbent materials and ALU foil – we additionally protected the load with absorbent materials to protect against moisture, and then the whole thing was wrapped in ALU foil. This foil provides excellent protection against corrosion and other harmful external factors.
  4. Enclosure in a plywood box – Finally, the entire structure was enclosed in a box made of plywood. To provide additional stability and protection, sub-roof scantlings were used on top of the crate. The box measured 2.5 metres high, 2.5 metres wide and approximately 4 metres deep.