Pakowanie do transportu - Relokacja maszyn i urządzeń

For this project, we were tasked with packing a complex steel construction that was part of a production line. Due to the delicate components of the structure, which could easily be damaged, special packaging methods had to be used. The structure was to be transported by sea, which further increased the requirements for protection from the outside elements.

Special construction with substructures

Due to the element’s length of over 10 metres and the components that could be damaged, we could not lay it directly on the platforms. Instead, we built a special structure with substructures, which provided stability and protection for the delicate parts of the structure. The substructures allowed the weight to be evenly distributed, preventing movement, deformation and damage during transport.

Packaging of the technology line

  1. Construction of the special framework – preparation of suitable substructures that provided stable and safe support for the entire steel structure.
  2. Securing delicate components – each delicate component of the structure was secured individually to prevent mechanical damage during transport.
  3. Placement on a special frame – once secured, the entire structure was placed on prepared substructures to ensure stability and protection.
  4. Protection against moisture – the structure was wrapped in ALU foil and fitted with moisture absorbers to provide protection against corrosion and moisture.
  5. Additional foil protection – the entire structure was covered with an additional layer of foil, which provided additional protection against external factors and mechanical damage.
  6. Locking in a plywood box – finally, we locked the construction in a box made of plywood. This solution ensured full protection of the transported load, protecting it from mechanical damage, moisture and other external factors.