Pakowanie do transportu - Relokacja maszyn i urządzeń

As part of this project, we had the pleasure of packing antlers on behalf of an individual client. This task required special attention and precision to ensure the safe transport of fragile and valuable items by road.

Each antler was individually wrapped in cushioning foam. This foam provides excellent protection against shocks and mechanical damage that can occur during transport. As a result, each antler was properly secured and protected from scratches and cracks.

To ensure the safe transport of the antlers, we built a solid wooden box. The case was made of plywood, which guaranteed stability and strength during road transport. The interior of the box was lined with a protective film. This foil protects the antlers from moisture, dust and other contaminants that could affect the condition of the items being transported.

The entire box was additionally topped with foil, which provided even more protection against external factors. In this way, the antlers were completely protected from moisture and dirt.