Pakowanie do transportu - Relokacja maszyn i urządzeń

As part of this project, we handled the packaging of small steel components to be transported by sea. Each component required individual packaging in separation material, which was necessary due to the sharp ends that could cause mutual damage during transport.

Each steel component was individually packed in separation material. This allowed us to prevent potential damage that could occur if the elements came into contact with each other during the journey. The separation material provided additional protection, preventing the sharp ends from mechanical damage and from scratches.

Placing in a wooden box

Once individually packed, all the pieces were placed in a solid wooden box. Inside the case, we additionally used an ALU foil bag to provide even better protection against moisture and dirt. In addition, we placed moisture absorbers inside the box, which were key to maintaining the right conditions during sea transport.

Safe sea transport

Thanks to careful packaging, the cargo arrived safely at its destination. Each steel component was protected from moisture, mechanical damage and other potential hazards. Our packaging methods ensured that even the most delicate and problematic items in transit arrived safely and intact.