Pakowanie do transportu - Relokacja maszyn i urządzeń

As part of this project, we handled the packaging of the tape spools that were to be transported by sea. This process required several layers of protection to ensure that the cargo was fully protected from external factors and mechanical damage.

The packing process

  1. The tape spools were placed on a specially prepared platform on which we laid a separation material. The separation material protected the straps from direct contact with the wooden surface of the platform, which prevented mechanical damage.
  2. To protect against moisture, we placed moisture absorbers inside the packaging. These special materials help to maintain a dry microclimate, which is particularly important during sea transport where humidity can be high.
  3. The spools were wrapped in a layer of foil, which provides a first protective barrier against dust and dirt.
  4. We then applied ALU foil, which is known for its barrier properties. ALU foil effectively protects against moisture and corrosion, which is crucial for sea transport.
  5. Finally, we added another layer of foil to increase the level of protection against mechanical damage and weathering.
  6. The entire cargo was enclosed in a solid box made of plywood. The crate provides additional protection against mechanical damage and external influences.
  7. At the top of the box, we have used sub-roof scantlings, which perform several important functions:
    • they reinforce the structure – they provide additional rigidity and strength to the top of the crate, which is important when transporting heavy loads.
    • they protect the contents of the box from pressure and impacts from above, which can occur during loading, unloading and transport.
    • ensure the stability of the box, preventing deformation and mechanical damage.