Pakowanie do transportu - Relokacja maszyn i urządzeń

As part of this project, we carried out the packing of a steel construction for sea transport. The packing service was carried out directly at our client’s plant, which enabled us to optimally adapt the process to the conditions on site and the specifics of the structure. Due to the large number of components, the steel structure was divided into several loads, which made it more secure and facilitated transport.

Wooden platforms and load immobilisation

We placed each of the loads on wooden platforms. To further secure the structure from underneath, we used separation material. To avoid shifting on the platforms, the structure was immobilised with wedges and clamping straps, ensuring that the items remained in place even in difficult sea conditions.Każdy z ładunków umieściliśmy na drewnianych podestach. Dodatkowo od spodu zabezpieczyliśmy konstrukcję, używając materiału separacyjnego. Aby uniknąć przesuwania się na platformach, konstrukcja została unieruchomiona za pomocą klinów i pasów mocujących, co zapewniło, że elementy pozostaną na miejscu nawet w trudnych warunkach morskich.

Protective structure and ALU barrier foil

In addition, we built a structure to protect the cargo from above. The entire structure was protected with foil and then with an ALU barrier foil, which, combined with moisture absorbers placed inside the packaging, protects the cargo from corrosion.

Made-to-measure plywood boxes

Finally, all loads were enclosed in crates made of plywood. The made-to-measure boxes were the perfect solution to fully protect the steel structure during sea transport. Thanks to the high quality of the plywood and the solid protection, our cases were able to withstand all the shocks and pressures that can occur during transport.