Pakowanie do transportu - Relokacja maszyn i urządzeń

During this order, we took care of the packaging of the steel structure that was to be sent by sea. All the work was carried out at our facility. Due to the numerous components of the structure, we divided it into several parts, which made it much easier to secure them and streamlined the transport process.

Securing the load

We placed the structure on wooden platforms. To secure it from below, we used separation material. In addition, each corner and the legs were covered with protective material. To prevent the structure from moving during sea transport, we used clamps and clamping straps to ensure stability and safety for all the elements.

The next step was to cover the structure with a layer of special foil. This foil acts as the first line of defence against external factors such as dust, dirt and small debris. We then applied ALU foil, which is known for its barrier properties. ALU foil provides excellent protection against moisture, which is crucial for long transports, especially in changing weather conditions. Combined with moisture absorbers placed inside the packaging, this wrap combination effectively protected against corrosion.