Pakowanie do transportu - Relokacja maszyn i urządzeń

On behalf of one of our clients, we prepared a special box for the relocation of a machine weighing 38 tonnes. The relocation process starts at the customer’s factory, where the machine will be packed, but before this happens, we designed, manufactured and assembled the case at our premises. This enabled us to make sure that every element of the design was perfectly matched and met all the requirements for transporting heavy and oversized loads.

Design and construction of the special wooden box

Due to the enormous weight of the machine and its size, the entire package was built on a special steel frame to ensure adequate strength and stability. The case, the structure of which was manufactured from wood, has external walls made of plywood panel. This construction guarantees not only solidity, but also protection against mechanical damage.

The box has impressive dimensions: about 6 metres long, nearly 4 metres wide and just over 3 metres high. By comparison, it is larger than many a micro-apartment in Warsaw or Krakow. Such a large structure is able to safely accommodate a machine of such significant weight and size, ensuring its stability and protection during transport.

Packing and relocation process

The packing of the machine, and its subsequent relocation, will take place directly at our customer’s premises. Our team of specialists will ensure that each component of the machine is properly secured and placed in a crate. The packing process will include careful protection of all parts of the machine to prevent possible damage during sea transport.

Once the machine has been carefully secured, it will be placed in a specially prepared wooden crating and, thanks to a pre-engineered and tested structure, the packing process will run smoothly and without problems.

Advantages of relocation using a special wooden box

Relocating heavy machinery requires specialised solutions to ensure the safety and stability of the load being transported. Our wooden chest, based on a steel frame and clad with plywood panels, meets the highest standards of safety and durability. The solid construction and the careful design and testing of the crate before use ensure that the relocation process goes smoothly.

With our professional services, the relocation of machinery is safe and efficient. We offer complete packaging and transport solutions, tailored to the individual needs of our customers. Our experience and commitment to each project means that we can meet even the most demanding tasks.

If you need specialised solutions for relocating and packing heavy machinery, our company is ready to meet your requirements. We look forward to working with you, offering the highest level of protection and safety for your loads.